Why 70% world population suffers NECK PAIN?  

Analyzing that most of the world's population is constantly exposed to some of these 7 causes, which we will mention below, is the answer to why 70% of the world's population suffers from neck pain.

👋 Do you suffer NECK PAIN? It is very possible that it is due to one of these 7 causes.

Scientists around the world have determined 7 common causes that cause neck pain are:

⚠️ The bad postures: the most frequent is the ⌨️ Text Neck pain caused by the excessive use of new technologies This problem can appear both by the use of cell phone, e-books, tablet, portable consoles.

Also known as Repetitive Overloading. Holding these postures for a long period of time causes a feeling of tension, stiffness and pressure in the neck muscles.

⚠️ Overexertion: static work for a long time without proper rest. Tasks in an inappropriately adapted environment.

⚠️ Work and daily stress: The neurobehavioral cascade that prepares us to face what we perceive as a threat can become a state of anguish and suffering if one is not able to adapt to the demands that are perceived as dangerous.

⚠️ Bad sleeping position: If you wake up and find your neck turned sideways and stuck in this position, it could be severe torticollis which generates neck pain. It is the result of an inflammation of the neck muscles. Some of the causes may be a bad posture or a bad support while sleeping.

⚠️ Work and daily stress: The consequences of stress are not limited to the emotional level but also have an impact on the physical level.
Therefore, it is not strange that after a hard week of work we end up suffering muscle tension due to stress.

⚠️ Bad nutrition: There are many foods that are part of the daily diet of people that favor the degenerative and inflammatory processes.

Also, obesity makes us more likely to have muscular problems and bad posture, since it generates an additional burden and stress for our body.

⚠️ Sedentarism: Physical inactivity decreases and worsens reflexes causing the muscles to contract inappropriately or at the wrong time and facilitating contracture.

About 75% of neck pain is caused by inflammation of the neck muscles.  For somes of the reasons mentioned above.

Who you can get neck pain relief?

3 most effective methods used by chiropractors to eliminate neck pain?

According to the world medical literature these 3 methods have proven to be the most effective in treating neck pain.

Muscle massage.
➢ Heat therapy.
➢ Therapeutic Ultrasound vibrations. 

What makes these 3 methods so effective?

The 3 methods help increase blood flow to the muscles through heat generation, causing positive effects on the nervous and muscular systems, eradicating inflammation.

There are many devices on the market with which you can give yourself therapy, without having to pay expensive consultations.

To make sure you select the device that guarantees to completely eliminate your neck pain, you must answer yourself these 3 questions:

Do you only have neck pain specifically in the neck?
Has your neck pain spread to your shoulder blades?
Has it spread to your upper back? 

Logical and intelligent thinking gives to you the answer as to which is the right device:

1- To perform simultaneously the 3 most effective therapies against inflammation (massage, ultrasound and heat therapy), in order to offer you a faster relief from neck pain.

2. To treat any area where the inflammation of the neck muscles has spread (shoulder blades or upper back).

3. A device that gives us extended utility to all our body: That is not limited or focused only on the neck.

Because although you have neck pain today, tomorrow you could have pain from inflammation in other parts of your body (vision of future).

Which device covers these requirements?

NeckRelax The Most Advanced Personal Massage Device Ever Created

Created by a team of chiropractors and medical specialists. 📚

Relax Your Neck Muscles in 10 Minutes Using This Groundbreaking Invention

What is Neck Relax?

 Neck Relax is a portable neck massager which is lightweight and portable. It can be carried easily and set up almost anywhere, as long as there is a hook, rail or door handle to support the device.

Neck Relax is a revolutionary neck hammock that harnesses the power of cervical traction to immediately relieve pressure and pain in the cervical area. 

Neck Relax is as effective as it is simple and easy to use. No additional equipment is required to set up this device and you can use it anytime and anywhere there’s a door knob, railing or hook to support it.

How Does Neck Relax Work?

NeckRelax uses three different techniques to help eliminate neck pain and inflammation.

🔥Infrared heat: is applied when the NeckRelax is turned on.

🔥Infrared light: can help with the circulation of blood in your body, which in turn helps promote healing.

🔥Infrared therapy: is always being studied for it’s never ending list of benefits among pain patients.

The NeckRelax also uses

✅ Electro Frequency Stimulation Massage Therapy (EFSMT): EFSMT is known amongst athletes because of its benefits in helping treat pain and swelling. Electrical impulses are passed through the skin to the muscle and can help relieve pain, strengthen weak muscles, ease stiffness, release muscle tension, and more. EFSMT is used in many doctor’s offices, gyms, and in physical therapy sessions all around the world because it is an excellent alternative to taking pain medication.

✅ Electrical muscle stimulation (EMS): works by stimulating the muscle and then making them contract. The same muscle movements created when exercising can help increase blood flow and decrease inflammation. Some of the benefits of EMS are

  • Stimulates blood circulations
  • Improves joint pain and swelling
  • Helps with those suffering from muscle atrophy
  • Restores muscle tone

✅ Therapeutic Ultrasound: is also used in the NeckRelax to help treat issues such as inflammation. Therapeutic ultrasound vibrations can stimulate the tissue under the skins surface.




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